Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Picture and a Quote

Amtrak P42 #9 trails on the southbound Vermonter in Berlin, CT last Friday
Ladies and gentlemen: this quote is from my cousin after reading the female railfans post:
"Trains are a classy method of transportation. They stand as a symbol to model the changing culture of America yet hold onto the tradition this country was built on. So yes, they bring people from point A to point B, but they also keep a part of the past alive. In which case, "railfans" are just people that appreciate tradition."
Now whilst she's not a fan of trains in the manner that I am - she has a point - regardless of if she's mostly just rebutting one quote from that post, or not. :)

(P.S.: I totally just wanted to share the picture in this post - which is now my favorite train picture I have ever taken thus far, unseating this one. The quote just adds substance to an otherwise pretty, but lame post. So thanks Kat for being so quotable <3)

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