Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Retro Tuesday: Old School on the Hudson Line

Digging through my favorites on Youtube, this compilation of old footage from the 80's (maybe early 90's - if anyone can pinpoint the year, please enlighten me - these sorts of things keep me up at night) is indeed up there on the list of favorite videos I've stumbled upon on Youtube.

We have lots of Metro-North and Amtrak mixed together on the Hudson line, so there's at least some variation in what you're looking at. (Plus: ERMAHGERD FL9 TRERNS!) Also, the toot of the horn on the SPV-2000 always makes me laugh...don't ask me why.

In closing though, I leave you with this:
Yes, I felt the need to find an "Ermahgerd" meme generator and make one.
The voice used in my head is so foamer-y that it just works, OK?

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