Friday, July 5, 2013

From the WTF Files...

Yesterday afternoon, Metro North service was all sorts of screwed up for the Harlem and New Haven lines after a Harlem Line train was evacuated due to a fire. (Here's someone's instagram of the evacuation. Despite what PIX thinks, those are M7's. Therefore, not a New Haven line train. FAIL.)

Somewhere near the Tremont Station in the Bronx, some rocket scientists managed to get a mattress over an eight foot chain link fence and onto the tracks. The train hit it, and it caused a fire that shorted out the third rail. The eight car M7 set was evacuated single file, and several hundred passengers walked along the tracks and back to Tremont station. I've heard varying reports as to whether it was the last car or sixth car on fire. Either way, it is important to note that the entire train was not on fire.

No injuries or srs bznz damage resulted - so you kind of have to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. A train hitting a mattress? Who expects that sort of thing to happen? I do want to know how the hood rats who did this actually managed to get a mattress (no word on size, as I'm sure there wasn't much left to it, but I'd imagine anything bigger than twin size is a real bitch to maneuver) over a fence. I'm not sure if the fencing in that particular area also has razor wire on top or if it's just straight chain link fencing. (You can bet tomorrow I'll be looking out the window as I pass through Tremont though!) You'd think razor wire would produce an additional hurdle.

As I ponder the complexities of the logistics of people's stupidity, I leave you with this :)
Courtesy of @EquestrianMTA on Twitter - with their permission, of course :)

In all seriousness though, it's a good thing that in the grand scheme of things that can go awry on the rails - this was relatively minor, and it's a damn good thing nobody was hurt!

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